Sign up for the ultimate in security service.

Do what the majority of Urban Alarm customers do – register for our Community Mobile Patrols. Members receive a special phone number to reach the Urban Alarm Security Officer on patrol. It’s a smart way to keep eyes on your property for even greater peace of mind.

It’s a proven fact that visible security is an effective deterrent for opportunistic crime. The good news: each person who signs up in your neighborhood increases the visibility and frequency of the patrol. More participants mean more safety. 


Security Alarm Monitoring

Urban Alarm will monitor your security alarm system and provide Patrol Officer Response during patrol hours. During non-patrolled hours, we’ll dispatch the police and follow standard alarm dispatch procedures. Patrol Officers will have reports of alarm activity and will follow up on any areas of concern.

Vacation Patrols

Up to 14 times per year, we’ll check the doors of your home, and collect mail and newspapers. For each visit, we’ll send an instant email report of exactly what was done – with photos to back it up.

SafeWalk Service

During patrol hours, our officers can accompany you – within your neighborhood boundaries – while walking a pet, walking to or from the metro, or to a neighbor’s home. 


Concierge Services

Let the pampering begin. With this service, we can grant service or repair people authorized access to your home, walk your dog, feed your cat, water your plants, pick up laundry, take the trash cans in – or other personal concierge tasks that make your life easier. Register here. 

Special Event Coverage

Throwing a scheduled function or party? Patrol Officers can be on hand to patrol your block, your property, or be stationed at the door or in your home during functions – or periods of heightened concern.