Community Mobile Patrols

Washington DC residents who recognize the value of a Community Patrol can register to become members of the Urban Alarm-monitored neighborhood patrol route. Our private patrols are scheduled based on the number of Urban Patrol members actively registered in the neighborhood. Using mapping and GPS technology, our patrol routes are identified by tracking the blocks where most members are located.

At this time, patrol hours will be staggered and spread over the course of the week to target times of day when crimes are most likely. They will also be scheduled to provide both daytime and nighttime hours. As the number of neighborhood participants increases, so will the total hours of the patrol.

As a registered member, you will be provided with a phone number to reach the Urban Alarm Security Officer on patrol. During hours when no Security Officer is on patrol, the call will forward to our office (or monitoring center, during off-hours).

During patrol hours we will respond, along with DC Police, to any alarm activations. Our monitoring systems route alarm signals directly to mobile patrols even before any alarm verification calls are made.

Services Available to Members (some at additional cost)

Home Patrols (ongoing or when you are out of town): With this service, our patrols will check the doors of your home and collect mail and newspapers (up to 5 “vacation patrols” per month may be included at no additional cost to members). For each visit, you will receive an email report of the status of activity. This may be arranged on an ongoing basis (for additional cost) and services may include the concierge services listed below.

SafeWalk Service: During patrol hours, patrol officers may be available to accompany you -- within the neighborhood boundaries -- while walking a pet, or walking to or from the metro, or a neighbor’s home. There is no additional cost to members for this service.

Concierge Services: Arrangements can be made for Urban Alarm’s concierge services. These may include: granting service or repair staff authorized access to your home, walking the dog, feeding the cat, picking up laundry, or other personal concierge activities. This service is provided at an additional charge. Just Ask; we’ll take care of it.

Special Event Coverage: Patrol Officers can be on hand for your scheduled function. They can patrol your block, your property, or be stationed at the door or in your home during functions and periods of heightened concern. This service is available to members at additional cost.

Security Alarm Monitoring: Included in the patrol membership, Urban Alarm will monitor your security alarm system and provide Patrol Officer Response during periods of active patrol. During non-patrolled hours, Urban Alarm will dispatch the police and follow standard alarm dispatch procedures. Patrol Officers will have reports of alarm activity and will follow up on any areas of concern.

Frequently Asked Questions