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Urban Alarm is a company that really takes care of its customers and I was actually enamored enough of your company to recommend it to two of my neighbors, who have since installed Urban Alarm systems. Doug Singer, Residential Customer

Home Alarm Systems & Home Monitoring for Washington DC


Home Alarm Systems

A security system is only useful if it is properly installed, maintained, and used consistently. At Urban Alarm, we offer flexible and complete solutions for your specific needs. We can install a new system in your home or take over the monitoring of the one already in place. We use the best practices in the industry to ensure that you have a cost-effective, reliable, and easy-to-use solution for your security needs. 

At Urban Alarm, we provide security alarm system installation in existing homes as well as new construction homes.Typically, for new construction homes, we install hardwired security system systems. Wireless systems are commonly used for retrofitting a system in existing homes.

Features and Benefits of Residential Alarm Systems

  • No long-term monitoring contracts: we keep our customers because they are happy with the service, not because they are locked into a long-term contract.IMG_2667_Web_2.jpg
  • High quality product: the alarm systems installed by Urban Alarm use equipment that is widely considered to be of the highest quality and is mostly manufactured in the United States.
  • Variety of solutions: we offer more options for monitoring communications than any other alarm company in the region.Some examples are: phone line, internet, cellular, and SNAP Radio. In most new installations, we recommend monitoring with at least two communication paths.
  • Convenience: our mobile applications allow you to manage your alarm system through your mobile phone or a web browser. Capabilities include basic arming and disarming of the system, as well as user management, schedule management, and more.
  • Trust: all staff are employees and have background checks. We do not send subcontractors into your home.
  • Mobile Patrol: our Mobile Community Patrol is available to check your house, respond to alarms, and provide various concierge services. Urban Alarm is the only alarm company in Washington DC with a mobile patrol.

Typical Applications of Residential Alarm Systems

A basic alarm system will cover all of your entry doors and ground-accessible windows. As a second line of detection, it will also include several interior motion sensors. A more comprehensive alarm system will cover all windows with sensors so as to detect if doors and windows are opened, as well as if glass panes are broken.

Miles-_IMG_9917_Web.jpgSystems will have one or more “keypads” in areas where you may want to arm or disarm the system or simply check its status. Other common controls include panic buttons and environmental sensors (for monitoring combustible gas, water, and/or temperature sensors).

During consultations, we will discuss your specific property and concerns you may have. Upon review, we will present various options and make specific recommendations to meet your needs.

Urban Alarm Monitoring Service

Urban Alarm offers more options for alarm system monitoring than any other alarm company in the Washington DC region. Each option has its advantages.

In most cases we recommend alarm monitoring via IP (i.e. Internet), with backup monitoring via Cellular or SNAP Radio. This approach offers the speed and performance of the Internet with the reliability of two pathways. SNAP Radio (where available) offers one of the most reliable options in the industry.

Our monitoring centers give you Total Peace of Mind because they:

  • Are Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) Listed as a result of meeting the industry standards for burglary and fire protective signaling
  • Are Members of the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) and the Security Industry Association (SIA), which aid in staying current on new technological advances
  • Employ the latest in telephone technology so calls are quick and dependable
  • Utilize two generators for extended power backup during adverse conditions
  • Operate two computer systems, each, for alarm processing and backup
  • Have Quality Assurance Teams monitor calls to ensure accurate and professional service

Frequently Asked Questions about Residential Security Alarm Systems

What is better; hardwired or wireless alarm systems?

Modern wireless systems are very effective and generally considered as reliable as hardwired security alarm devices. However, there are differences from security alarm manufacturer to manufacturer. These can affect the reliability of wireless technology or of certain types of alarm sensors. Of course, wireless alarm systems require batteries in the devices. Batteries should last between three and five years depending on the usage.

Can you monitor our existing smoke detectors?

There are generally two types of smoke detectors which may be installed in your home: 120v sensors generally installed by an electrician; and “low voltage” smoke detectors that are generally connected to, and monitored by, a security alarm system. More details about the differences in these systems are available on our blog.

If your smoke sensors are currently not monitored by an alarm system, they generally can not be monitored; however there are some exceptions.

Do I get notified of alarms on my mobile device?

Yes, you may get security alarm notifications via email (or email to SMS gateway) or from push notifications on a mobile app for your alarm system. 

How can I integrate my security system with my lights?

There are many systems that can integrate your security alarm system with lights, thermostats, locks, shades, and other devices. These systems often utilize the z-wave standard, but there are a variety of technologies that are also effective. 

Is your alarm monitoring different than the national alarm companies?

We have the same standard for alarm monitoring and alarm dispatching. Our alarm monitoring centers are staffed 24 hours per way with an East Coast dispatch center and a backup West Coast location. We will follow up. 

What is the benefit of equipment manufactured in the United States?

Urban Alarm is an authorized dealer of Digital Monitoring Products (DMP). DMP is a manufacturer of security alarm systems and devices and is unique in their US manufacturing of these devices.

Using equipment manufactured in the USA is beneficial for a number of reasons. In addition to the highest quality we would expect from a US manufacturer, the turn-around time on new versions of technology and direct access to the engineers designing the systems is extremely valuable. We have seen a few instances where the US supply change allows the manufacturer to respond much more quickly to the market.

Why is using a licensed security alarm company important?

There are many alarm companies doing business in and around the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area that are not licensed. This may reflect on the quality of the company. Do you want to work with a company that blatantly cuts these corners? But more significantly, if there is an issue and you try to make a claim against the company, their insurance company may not cover the company if they are operating outside of their licensed business area.

How do alarm system glass break detectors work?

Glass break detectors look for the sound of glass breaking. They are most effective in areas where larger panes of glass can easily be broken to gain entry to a home. They are effective on glass that is at least one square foot in size and no more than one-quarter of an inch thick. Most are rated to work on glass about 15’ to 20’ from the sensor, so a single sensor can potentially cover an entire room. However, glass break detectors can be susceptible to false alarms. We often see mail slots causing false alarms on glass break detectors as the thud (of mail hitting the floor) with the clank (of the mail slot closing) resembles the acoustic pattern the glass break detector is looking for.

All equipment and monitoring are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed, meaning that they have passed a rigorous audit by an independent third-party.


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