Remote Video Guard Patrol and Monitoring

Dispatchers monitoring alarm and video signals

Dispatchers monitoring alarm and video signals

Active Video Monitoring (Security Video Monitoring)

Active Video Monitoring is a powerful tool for situations where traditional alarm systems have been historically ineffective.

Often used as low-cost alternative to full time security officers — or as a complement to officer reductions or service enhancements — it differs from a traditional alarm system in that:

  • No power or phone lines are required (completely “off grid”).
  • Motion Sensors have built-in cameras and every motion alarm is actively viewed by our central station dispatchers.
  • The system functions in harsh conditions, including extreme cold and heat, which allows for outdoor placement.
  • When a motion sensor is set off by movement, our dispatchers view video from the event that caused the alarm. 
  • Dispatchers are able to verify the alarm in real-time, determine if it's a viable threat, and immediately alert both law enforcement or a specified contact.

Where Can it be Used?

Active Monitoring can be used in a variety of situations, including:

  • Residential homes
  • Businesses
  • Outdoor environments exposed to inclement weather
  • Commercial construction sites
  • Rooftops or other building perimeters
  • Securing parking areas that are closed at certain hours
  • Community pools or other public spaces
  • Securing cell / communication towers; water towers; or other utility facilities
  • Utility areas where copper or other equipment may be targeted
  • Mobile offices, RVs, or tractor trailers
  • Public storage containers where no power or communication is available

Urban Alarm deployed a monitored motion triggered video security system to address copper theft on this construction site. As a result two arrests were made when Urban Alarm dispatchers identified a verified intruder on site.

Walk through of construction site monitoring in Mount Pleasant shows  how video security monitoring can be effective.

How Does it Work?

We offer three different types of security video monitoring services:

Remote Video Guard Patrol

With this service, we'll monitor the property through installed high resolution IP cameras. Whenever motion is detected, our dispatcher evaluates the video and either:

  1. Plays an audio recording on the camera (e.g., "Area is closed and monitored. Your actions are being recorded and the police have been notified. Please clear the area"); or
  2. We engage with 2-way audio (e.g. "You are in a secured area. What is your security passcode?"); or
  3. Dispatch the police or notify the contact list.

The remove video guard service works closely with our mobile patrol offering. If remote patrol sees something amiss, we can dispatch mobile patrol to take action.

For example, remote patrol may instruct remote patrol to close an open gate or return a trash can left by the street. They could instruct mobile patrol to recover a package and store it in a vehicle for the remainder of the day. 

Video Verification

Whenever an alarm is triggered, our dispatcher will access the video to verify the source of the alarm. This minimizes instances of false alarms.

In the case of real alarms, we are able to provide law enforcement with visual verification — often improving the accuracy and speed of a police response.

Scheduled Remote Patrols

On a specific schedule (certain number of remote patrols per day or night), our dispatchers can evaluate video and take specific actions. Some examples include:

  • The dispatcher checks the home exterior daily and looks for open gates, loose pool covers, garbage cans that weren't properly returned.
  • The dispatcher checks the home exterior once per night and reports any persons in the area. 
  • The dispatcher checks the retail location multiple times each day and logs and reports safety police compliance (e.g. no debris blocking exits, staff wearing protective gear, etc.)

Contact Us to Find the Best Solution For You

Urban Alarm Active Video Monitoring is available as a permanent installation or for rent by week or by month. The system is completely mobile (i.e., can be moved as a construction site evolves) and can be installed quickly.

Every situation is unique and Urban Alarm can help you find the best solution for your specific security needs. Contact us and we'll help find the best fit for you.

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