Maximize accuracy.

Minimize false alarms.

Is it a raccoon? Or a thief?

By incorporating CCTV cameras into your alarm system, our dispatchers are able to verify the alarm, determine if it’s a threat, and immediately alert law enforcement AND a specified contact. Urban Alarm has contributed to our fair share of theft and break-in arrests.

Several levels of monitoring.

With Remote Video Guard Patrol, one of three things will happen when motion is detected:

  1. We activate an audio recording on the camera: "Area is closed and monitored. Your actions are being recorded and the police have been notified. Please clear the area."

  2. We engage with 2-way audio: "You are in a secured area. What is your security passcode?"

  3. We dispatch the police or notify a specified contact.

  4. We can also monitor for tenant infractions, and help reduce the cost of ongoing repairs and maintenance by proactively addressing loitering or identifying vandals.

Scheduled remote patrols

Our dispatchers can also evaluate video at certain times of the day or night. We can check your home’s exterior and look for open gates, loose pool covers, or garbage cans that weren’t properly returned. We can report suspicious persons around your house. For retailers, we can log and report safety police compliance – for instance, debris blocking exits.