Fully compliant and highly experienced fire alarm system …

  • Engineering

  • Installation

  • Inspection & Maintenance

  • Monitoring

Your engineering is only as good as your engineer.

Urban Alarm’s system engineers are National Institute of Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) certified – which guarantees that when our engineers show up to your site, they’re bringing at least five years of hands-on safety and security experience.  

We’ve seen it all – and installed it all.

New construction? Older property retrofit? Multi-unit apartment complex? Building out a retail space? Urban Alarm is all over it – meticulously prepared with a wide range of expert fire alarm installation experience. 

We don’t stop at just installation.

Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. require that Commercial Fire Alarm Systems be inspected annually. At Urban Alarm, scheduled inspections and 24/7 maintenance are in our wheelhouse – we can test your system’s functionality from top to bottom, and correct any issues if needed.