Environmental Monitoring

Monitoring a security system often extends beyond intrusion detection. Environmental monitoring can not only reduce possible damage and loss, but also save lives. 

Conditions frequently monitored include:

  • Water
    Water sensors are typically located in sump wells, basement stairwells, patios, HVAC pans, and around appliances where water is used. They are able to detect pump failures and monitor drains that may be clogged by leaves or other debris and areas where water may accumulate.
  • Combustible Gas
    Unlike carbon monoxide sensors, combustible gas sensors can detect natural gas or propane, giving early detection of potentially life-threatening conditions.
  • Temperature Monitoring
    Useful for monitoring wine cellars, walk-in coolers, or galleries, temperature monitoring can maintain a history of temperatures or provide notifications when temperature monitoring thresholds are exceeded.
  • Freeze Detection
    For areas where water pipes are susceptible to freezing, such as pool houses or utility spaces, freeze detection provides early notification of temperature conditions that may cause damage.

Other systems are available to monitor just about any environmental condition. Monitored events can trigger notifications or even turn off water feeds that may proactively mitigate damage.