Features and Benefits of Access Control Systems

Key benefits of electronic access control systems include:

Case study of Multi Unit Residential Access Control System at Park Potomac Place in Potomac Maryland.

Distributed cloud based access control systems on the Entertainment Cruise line of vestles in Washington DC.

  • Credentials that may be instantly activated or deactivated from a computer or web browser for a single door or an entire campus.
  • Permission groups and schedules that may define who can access what areas at what times.
  • Activity records that report who accesses what spaces when. 
  • Entry (in) and exit (out) card readers that may be used to report who is on site at any particular time. This feature may be useful in a lockdown situation where an immediate list of who is on a campus may be required.
  • Lockdown and other special conditions that can be defined so a consistent set of rules is enforced.
  • Triggers or other actions that may be integrated with an access control event (e.g., lighting control, front desk or IT notifications)
  • Distributed locations that may be easily managed using a single credential per user. A user may be granted access, or can have his access revoked, instantly to all locations at once. 
  • A single integrated report of a users' activities that can show access across all locations.

Typical Applications of Access Control Systems

Typical applications include:

  • Multi-unit residential perimeter (e.g., entry doors, garage doors) and interior (e.g., laundry room, club room) access.
  • Commercial office suites (e.g., office perimeter, server room, supply room).
  • Commercial buildings where tenant access management is used for common areas and in many cases suite access.
  • Marine, airport, energy, and other applications where a homeland security or other security requirement dictates a certain level of auditability and compliance.
  • Limited door access for small commercial, retail, or other.

Urban Alarm Advantage

Urban Alarm has extensive experience working with a wide variety of customers to provide integrated access control solutions. We install the best technologies available for a particular application and provide consistent and proactive support through the installation and ongoing maintenance of the systems. 

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