Prince George's County MD

Prince George's County requires alarm system registration for all residential and commercial users. In 1996 the county created the False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU) after discovering that just over 98% of all alarms triggered to request police response were false. FARU works diligently to combat these errors, saving police time and resources. Urban Alarm highly recommends that you comply with their registration codes. Luckily, Prince George's County does not require a fee for registering your alarm system, whether it's residential or commercial. Once you've completed the form, simply mail it in to the address provided at the top and you're done. You can find the necessary registration form here:

FARU Registration Form -

While there's no registration fee required, there are financial penalties for false alarms. These do not begin until the 3rd alarm sent. To find specific fee information, please consult FARU's official website below:

FARU's Web Site –

It should be noted here that after a 6th false alarm, you must have your system inspected and re-certified by your alarm company. This certification includes a $25.00 fee. After 12 false alarms, you must have your system totally upgraded. This certification includes a $50.00 fee.

If you have further questions for FARU, you may reach them by phone at: (301) 883-5465