Montgomery County MD

Bethesda officials require that you register your alarm system if your system is programmed to dispatch the police. Urban Alarm is happy to provide you with the necessary registration form as well as a signed Installation Certificate. However, you must get the registration form to the police department yourself, either through mail or hand delivery.

In order to lower the number of police officers called due to false alarms, Montgomery County has created the False Alarm Response Section (FARS). FARS has instituted fees as a penalty for false alarms. This is meant to offset the loss of police resources.

To view the fee calendar and learn more, click here:

Please note that under Montgomery county law, your alarm company is not allowed to request a police dispatch to your property until 7 days after your alarm system has been registered. If you believe that there will be high risk to any people or property during the waiting period you may submit a waiver to FARS. To do this, simply call the Administrative Office and request a “burn-in” or “soak” period waiver form.