Fairfax County VA

Alarm system registration is required for residential users in Fairfax County. 

Where to Obtain a Registration Form:

You have several options available to you to get a registration form.

If you are an Urban Alarm Customer a false alarm registration for will be provided to you or submitted on your behalf. To check the status of this or to request a copy visit the Contact Us section on this web site.

  1. You can pick a form up personally from the City Treasurer’s Office in City Hall.
  2. You can request a form through mail by calling 703 246 5424.
  3. You can e-mail them. To do this, visit the Security Alarms section of their website and select the ‘E-mail Us’ link.

 Fairfax County Alarm Registration Fees

There is no registration fee for residential users within Fairfax city limits. If you are a commercial user, there is a fee of $25. If you are within the Fairfax County line but outside of Fairfax city limits, there is a $25 fee for residential and commercial users.

What is the penalty for false alarms?

 Fairfax County applies fees for any false alarm that authorities are dispatched to respond to. This applies to all residential, industrial, and commercial properties. You can use the chart below to find all fees for each calendar year. False alarm response fees start at $100 and can increase to $3000 per false alarm. Fees are imposed on the following basis within a 12-month calculation period:

  • (1st) $0.00
  • (2nd) $0.00
  • (3rd) $100.00
  • (4th) $150.00
  • (5th) $200.00
  • Up to $3000 each for the 25th or more

More Information on Fairfax Count False Alarm Registration