Arlington County VA

Arlington requires that all security alarm systems be registered with the Arlington County Police Department (ACPD). This does not include fire or car alarm systems. If you are a tenant in a multitenant residential or commercial building, you must register independently. You will not be covered by the building’s ownership.

Where to Obtain a Registration Form:

There are several ways that you can go about registering your alarm system with the ACPD:

1. If you have an alarm company install your system for you, you may request the required information from them at the time of installation.

2. If you do not have a company to refer to, you may register your alarm system with the ACPD online. There you may fill out the required information and pay a fee if required.


There is no fee for registering a residential alarm system. If you are registering for a commercial system you must pay a one-time, nonrefundable $30.00 fee.

If you are the owner or property manager of an apartment complex and you provide alarm systems to residents, you are required to file a separate registration for each individual unit. The cost for each unit should be $1. For more information regarding fees, please see the False Alarm Enforcement Office at the ACPD’s website:

Penalties for False Alarms:

  • (1st) FREE
  • (2nd) FREE
  • (3rd) $100.00
  • (4th) $150.00
  • (5th) $200.00
  • Up to $500 each for the 9th or more

You can make payments by cash, check, money order, and most major credit or debit cards. If paying by card you must appear in person at the ACPD’s Record’s Management Section.

Please note, these fees apply only if false alarm activation results in dispatched police arriving on-site to your location.

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Chevy Chase Village MD

Chevy Chase Village requires that any home with an audible alarm system register it with the Village. You are not required to register with Montgomery County. Please note that if your system was installed after June 1984, your system is required to have an automatic shut off after 30 minutes of activation. If your system was installed after October 2014, your system is not permitted to utilize exterior sound equipment.

It is very important in Chevy Chase Village that you make absolutely sure that the alarm company you choose is registered with either Montgomery County or Montgomery County’s Emergency Communications Center (ECC). If they are not registered, neither Chevy Chase Village, nor Montgomery County will be dispatched to assist.

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Prince George's County MD

Prince George's County requires alarm system registration for all residential and commercial users. In 1996 the county created the False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU) after discovering that just over 98% of all alarms triggered to request police response were false. FARU works diligently to combat these errors, saving police time and resources. Urban Alarm highly recommends that you comply with their registration codes. Luckily, Prince George's County does not require a fee for registering your alarm system, whether it's residential or commercial. Once you've completed the form, simply mail it in to the address provided at the top and you're done. You can find the necessary registration form here:

FARU Registration Form -

While there's no registration fee required, there are financial penalties for false alarms. These do not begin until the 3rd alarm sent. To find specific fee information, please consult FARU's official website below:

FARU's Web Site –

It should be noted here that after a 6th false alarm, you must have your system inspected and re-certified by your alarm company. This certification includes a $25.00 fee. After 12 false alarms, you must have your system totally upgraded. This certification includes a $50.00 fee.

If you have further questions for FARU, you may reach them by phone at: (301) 883-5465

Montgomery County MD

Bethesda officials require that you register your alarm system if your system is programmed to dispatch the police. Urban Alarm is happy to provide you with the necessary registration form as well as a signed Installation Certificate. However, you must get the registration form to the police department yourself, either through mail or hand delivery.

In order to lower the number of police officers called due to false alarms, Montgomery County has created the False Alarm Response Section (FARS). FARS has instituted fees as a penalty for false alarms. This is meant to offset the loss of police resources.

To view the fee calendar and learn more, click here:

Please note that under Montgomery county law, your alarm company is not allowed to request a police dispatch to your property until 7 days after your alarm system has been registered. If you believe that there will be high risk to any people or property during the waiting period you may submit a waiver to FARS. To do this, simply call the Administrative Office and request a “burn-in” or “soak” period waiver form.

District of Columbia ( Washington DC )

Washington DC does not require alarm systems be registered with the district. However, they do require that alarm companies be licensed "Security Alarm Agencies" and, if they are installing any hardwire security alarm systems, as "Electrical Contractors". 

You may search and verify the license status of companies in Washington DC on the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs business license verification web site security alarm installation companies and security guard companies.

Electrical contractor licenses, for Washington DC, may be verified at the Board in Industry Trades website. DC Requires companies be licensed electrical contractors for the installation of hardwired security alarm systems (commercial and residential), access control systems, video surveillance systems, commercial fire alarm systems, or any other system that requires the installation of any low voltage wiring.

Washington DC currently does not have any false alarm reduction program or alarm registration requirements.

Loudoun County VA


Loudon has their own False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU) that is responsible for enforcing alarm registration and fees. Loudon’s FARU requires that all alarm systems be registered, regardless of whether your site is commercial or residential.

Where to Obtain a Registration Form:

There are two different options when submitting your registration form.

1. You may print a form from their website and mail it to the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office, care of FARU.

2. You can also complete the form online. This method allows you to receive immediate confirmation that your registration has been filed.

Please visit the FARU’s official Registration Form page for further information including a mailing address and a link to the form online. The site may be found here:


There is no fee for registering your alarm system.

However, there are fees for false alarms that result in the arrival of a deputy to your site.

Penalties for False Alarms:

In Loudon, there are different false alarm fees for residential properties and commercial properties. See below for a detailed breakdown.


·      First alarm: Free

·      Second alarm: Free

·      Third alarm ($100): The fee escalates by $50 per activation

·      Ninth alarm: The fee escalates by $100 per activation

·      Fifteenth alarm: The fee is $1,000 per activation


·      First alarm: Free

·      Second alarm: Free

·      Third alarm ($100): The fee escalates by $100 per activation

·      Twelfth alarm: The fee escalates by $250 per activation

·      Sixteenth alarm: The fee escalates by $500 per activation

·      Twentieth alarm: The fee is $4,000 per activation

Fairfax County VA

Alarm system registration is required for residential users in Fairfax County. 

Where to Obtain a Registration Form:

You have several options available to you to get a registration form.

If you are an Urban Alarm Customer a false alarm registration for will be provided to you or submitted on your behalf. To check the status of this or to request a copy visit the Contact Us section on this web site.

  1. You can pick a form up personally from the City Treasurer’s Office in City Hall.
  2. You can request a form through mail by calling 703 246 5424.
  3. You can e-mail them. To do this, visit the Security Alarms section of their website and select the ‘E-mail Us’ link.

 Fairfax County Alarm Registration Fees

There is no registration fee for residential users within Fairfax city limits. If you are a commercial user, there is a fee of $25. If you are within the Fairfax County line but outside of Fairfax city limits, there is a $25 fee for residential and commercial users.

What is the penalty for false alarms?

 Fairfax County applies fees for any false alarm that authorities are dispatched to respond to. This applies to all residential, industrial, and commercial properties. You can use the chart below to find all fees for each calendar year. False alarm response fees start at $100 and can increase to $3000 per false alarm. Fees are imposed on the following basis within a 12-month calculation period:

  • (1st) $0.00
  • (2nd) $0.00
  • (3rd) $100.00
  • (4th) $150.00
  • (5th) $200.00
  • Up to $3000 each for the 25th or more

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