Why is using a licensed company important to me?

Every State and County has its own set of requirements around the licensing of companies. These requirements set a bar for the level of professionalism and compliance for companies. They include requirements such as background checks for employees and owners, to training, to insurance and bonding requirements.

Security and fire alarm systems are unique in that if something is not done correctly you may not know years down the road when something does not work when you need it. If you every have an insurance claim or other issue related to the work of your vendor, and they are not licensed, insurance may not cover the losses.

Unlicensed companies often cut other corners such as taxes, workers comp insurance, or liability insurance all of which can come back to you if something goes wrong.

Review the requirements in your location. For more information on security alarm business licensing requirements in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia visit Urban Alarms Local Alarm Program Page.


What do the Patrol Officers do When Confronted With a Crime in Progress?

It is the responsibility of Patrol Officers to observe and report. If they witness suspicious activity they will report it to police dispatch, monitor the situation, and, if possible, document the activity for forensics and/or prosecution.  Our Patrol Officers work closely with the DC Police Department and regularly provide them with relevant information.

What are the concierge services?

Urban Alarm views certain types of “concierge” services as complementary to community security. While we perform a range of personalized services, some of the most basic activities include: picking up packages that have been left outside and redelivering them in the evening or at the homeowner's convenience, returning garbage bins from the road after garbage pickup, checking for flyers or other items delivered to the home when homeowners are away, and walking the family dog.

Who will be patrolling the neighborhood?

Patrol Officers are Urban Alarm employees that have been fingerprinted by the DC Department of Police and licensed as “Security Officers.” While on patrol, they are in regular contact with DC Police, reporting and documenting suspicious activity. They are given a cell phone / camera to document and email incident reports for properties on their patrol. They are not armed and are not permitted to attempt to intervene in a crime. It is their role is to observe and report. The patrol vehicle is tracked by GPS and the reports are reviewed regularly per Patrol Officer performance.