How are fire alarm systems regulated?

Fire alarm system design, installation, and monitoring are regulated by the local "authorities having jurisdiction" or AHJ's. In Washington DC, this is the District of Columbia Department of Regulatory Affairs.

In Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia, properties are required to have a fire alarm system in accordance with NFPA 72. This code reference specifies how a fire alarm system must be designed, installed, monitored, and tested. It is a comprehensive code reference that provides a roadmap for many aspects of your fire alarm system.

Other code references that may be relevant to your fire alarm system are the International Residential Code and International Commercial Code. Urban Alarm will work with you to determine the full code requirements for your fire alarm project.

Fire alarm system code and requirements evolve on a regular basis. Your fire alarm company should have specialists that understand the requirements and are in regular communication with the local permitting and inspections offices.