Electronic Locking for Access Control

Electronic locking is to allow access to door, cabinets, vehicle gates, and other entry points where you may want to limit and track access. Some of the advantages of electronic locking include:

  • Limit access to area(s) based on schedule
  • Remotely unlock or "pulse" doors using a mobile phone or wireless transmitter (e.g., allowing a door to be unlocked from a reception desk or phone station)
  • Track when and who accesses an access point
  • Auto unlock doors or gates based on a schedule
  • If an electronic key or FOB goes missing restrict its access immediately and get notifications if the key holder attempts to access your electronic locking device.

Some of the most common electronic locking systems are:

Electronic Locking Strike

The most common method to install electronic locking on an existing door is typically an electric strike. While you are able to re-use the existing hardware in some cases this type of electronic lock requires a "storeroom style" lever set.


Electronic Magnetic Lock

A mag lock can be installed and many styles of door or cabinets. They can be very effective however may be required to be tied into the fire alarm system. 


Electronic Locking Leverset

For new construction and some retrofits and electrified lever set or locking mechanism offers the most seamless and effective methof of electronic lock.