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Commercial property owners understand the importance of making sure doors are locked, checking for leaks, and noticing vandals – but the cost of a full-time security officer can be astronomical. Especially when you’re required to pay for a full 8-hour day, even though certain patrolling functions don’t take hours. Imagine paying only for the time it actually takes – imagine a patrol service like Urban Alarm Commercial Mobile Patrol. 

Cost effective

Only pay for the person while they’re on patrol of your property. This could easily save up to 70% of the cost of a dedicated overnight security presence on-site.


Need less patrolling during the week, and more on weekends or holidays? Our Commercial Mobile Patrol can be increased or reduced at very short notice – because that’s how life works.

Increased visibility

Urban Alarm’s fleet is boldly branded – your mobile patrol security officer will arrive in a familiar black vehicle with unmistakable Urban Alarm marking. This increased visibility is a natural deterrent for opportunistic crimes, and reduces loitering around your property.

Guaranteed service

All our vehicles are GPS tracked, reports are geo-coded, plus photos are always date and time stamped to confirm the patrols were conducted as promised.