Multi Unit Residential Access Control at Park Potomac Condo

telephone guest entry system integrates with whole-property access control and vehicle entry.

telephone guest entry system integrates with whole-property access control and vehicle entry.

The Park Potomac Residences are part of the Park Potomac community in Potomac, Maryland. With hundreds of residents, a parking garage, and multiple entrances, it is a daunting task to monitor who enters and exits the property. A secure, camera-monitored entry control system is necessary to ensure the safety and peace of mind of the residents. Prior to Urban Alarm, the Park Potomac Residences were plagued by a malfunctioning key access system. It was unreliable, suffered from crashes and power outages, and was in a general state of disarray. An excessive amount of time and money was wasted on repairs. They were in need of a security system that was easy-to-use, maintain, and that was reliable.

Urban Alarm was one of several security vendors that Park Potomac contacted. They were impressed by Urban Alarm's detailed system assessment, which included issues of which they weren't even aware.

After surveying and assessing the property, Urban Alarm determined what kind of access control system would best suit Park Potomac, as well as the proper placement of cameras.

Simply installing a system is not enough to protect a property. Troubleshooting a system to ensure it is working properly is crucial and Urban Alarm made sure to do so.

Since the installation of Urban Alarm’s system there have been no dropouts or issues. Urban Alarm has been praised by many clients for its responsiveness and Park Potomac was no exception. Bruce Fonoroff, President of the Homeowners Association said, “They’ve been reliable and dependable and responsible. So we’re very pleased with the work they’ve done for us.” Any potential problems with the system were addressed right away. As Property Manager Tami Feltenberger said about her experience with Urban Alarm, “We feel confident that we’re getting the best service here.”