Video Surveillance and Access Control Integrated Across Fleet of Vessles

The Washington DC branch of Entertainment Cruises offers dining and sightseeing cruises from Southwest Washington to National Harbor MD. Given the nature of their business, creating a security system for their facilities posed several rather unique obstacles.

Urban Alarm had to design a system that would not only not interfere with the numerous customers that would pass through on a daily basis, but also uphold regulations put in place by the Coast Guard and Federal agencies.

The installation of the system required careful scheduling and efficient work on the part of Urban Alarm. It was essential to work within the timeframe of Entertainment Cruises, which was not easy considering their facilities were constantly moving and on a varying schedule. Nate Handy, Associate Director of Machine Operations, was pleased with Urban Alarm and said, “They were able to accommodate our busy schedule and not interfere with our operations.”

With no access control system in place (except locks and keys), Urban Alarm had to start from scratch and determine the most practical system to install. An access control system with video surveillance ultimately proved to be the most appropriate. “It’s made it easier on everyone. We’re now able to more centrally monitor who’s coming and going…It centralized and streamlined the process…” Nate Handy reported.

Entertainment Cruises has been pleased with their service and has praised Urban Alarm for their responsiveness, the knowledge of the techs, and their ability to accommodate their busy schedule.