Retrofit of Wireless IP Access Control System at South West Condo Complex

cctv camera

The Capitol Park Towers apartment building is located in Southwest DC and houses 289 units, a two-story garage, and a swimming pool. As it houses many residents and has multiple points of entry, it is crucial the access control and video surveillance systems function properly. Although an access control system had been in place for some time, property manager Gere Murphy believed that it could be greatly improved.

The system that preceded Urban Alarm’s had a major drawback as it was reliant on underground telephone lines that ran under the building. This arrangement greatly limited the system’s ability to perform at the level that was necessary. After a consultation, Urban Alarm proposed using wireless mounts for cameras, which would allow visual access to far-reaching gates.Not only would this approach provide guards with the monitoring ability they needed, but it would also keep costs down. On the wireless mounts solution, Gere Murphy commented, “They were able to help me minimize the number of cameras with the optimal field of vision.” Thus, it saved her money and gave her what she needed.

Cameras were only part of the plan for the system. The perimeter of the property is surrounded by a six foot fence. The multiple points of entry (both for parking and pedestrian entry) necessitated access control system be installed at every gate. This was not a problem for Urban Alarm and the installation went smoothly.

Gere has been a customer of Urban Alarm for four years and has been constantly impressed with the responsiveness and technical knowledge of this local company. “It has been a great experience to be working with a local company that can provide services, but also provide innovative services.”