DMP Virtual Keypad Provides Expanded Control and Apple Watch Support

The latest app update for brings Apple Watch support and a new customizable Home screen.

The DMP Virtual Keypad app, which allows users to control their security systems remotely, has just released its latest version and is now a clear leader in the mobile alarm application space.

The latest update released last week provides a customizable home screen that allows users to quickly access their most used security cameras, thermostats, and other systems. The application is not available on Apple Watch for the first time.

Urban Alarm often recommends DMP security alarm panes because of the application’s high levels of security, manufacturer quality and support, and multiple communication paths direct to our monitoring station.

While the DMP mobile application has, at times, lagged behind many others, it is now on par or exceeds the quality and functionality of other mobile alarm applications.

Features of the DMP Virtual Keypad application

For consumers who want remote control over their security system, the application provides the ability to:

  • Control your systems via your Apple Watch
  • Lock or unlock doors
  • Arm or disarm security alarms
  • Turn on or off lights
  • Control thermostats and other in-home systems

The application provides real-time alerts when alarms are triggered, showing the user an image of the area in question. The user can then confirm or dismiss whether the disturbance is a legitimate threat.

This update will allow users to more easily view or control key areas of their home. The expansion to Apple Watch also increases the user’s assurance that they will always know what is happening in their secured home.

Keep security in mind when selecting an IoT app

DMP’s high standards for security and constant rollout of upgrades are positive signs for the Internet of Things application. It’s important consumers consider potential security vulnerabilities whenever selecting IOT products.

Among the most common vulnerabilities include poor mechanisms to rollout system updates, unsecure connections when passing information from device to backend network, and holes in user account security.

It’s always advisable to vet a potential application and find out how it’s securing its data before fully investing in the product.