What to do in a Terrorist Attack - Report Following Paris Attack

A new report released by the UK National Counter-Terrorism Security Office (Nactso) responds, in part, to the 13 November 2015 ISIS attacks in Paris. The report characterizes the recommended response for individuals finding themselves in a similar fast moving shooter attack as that which occurred in Paris.

The four page report summarizes a Dynamic Lockdown approach which that may be implemented in most organizations through careful planning and security systems deployment. The report includes:

  1. What is dynamic lockdown? 

  2. Why develop dynamic lockdown? 

  3. How to achieve dynamic lockdown 

  4. How to let people know what’s happening 

  5. Training your staff 

The ‘Stay Safe’ principles of Run, Hide, and Tell are detailed and the report is an excellent resource for K-12 Schools, Universities, Theaters, Hotels, Restaurants, and other businesses that may be exposed the an active shooter terrorist attack. 

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Those seeking to conduct attacks often undertake a level of planning including hostile reconnaissance. All opportunities to detect and deter threats at the attack planning phase should be taken.
— www.gov.uk
A memorial to the victims of the Paris attacks. (Creative Commons photo by  Franck Schneider )

A memorial to the victims of the Paris attacks. (Creative Commons photo by Franck Schneider)