2012 Crime in Patrol Neighborhood Reduced 55%

A recent study by the organizers of a neighborhood where Urban Alarm runs a mobile security patrol program showed a 55% reduction in crime for 2012. The study normalized the crime rate relative to adjacent neighborhoods and concluded that the crime reduction was attributed to the Urban Alarm Mobile Patrol.

Urban Alarm’s patrol is a membership program where over 50% of the residents in the neighborhood are members of the program. This direct membership program eliminates the need for an association or other organizing body to manage the contracting process and take on the liability and responsibility for managing the contract.

The Mobile Patrol has significant visibility in the neighborhood, passing by each member's house six to twelve times a day. For members with security alarm systems monitored by Urban Alarm, the Patrol also responds to alarm events, along with the DC Police. This is particularly useful for residents when they are traveling or for businesses, as the Patrol Officer can be on the phone with members to provide full status updates on any situations.

The Mobile Patrol goes beyond "observe and report" security, by offering concierge services and assistance to members. These services extend from picking up and re-delivering packages to walking dogs to meeting vendors on-site, as a representative for the given member.

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