Mobile Security Guard Patrol Use of Intranet for Communication

Urban Alarm’s Mobile Community Patrol provides an added security presence for retail, business, and residential customers in Northwest DC Neighborhoods. In addition to alarm response, concierge services, home watch when members are away, and general community security,  the patrols utilize a private Intranet for documenting activity at Patrol Members properties. 

The system not only tracks patrol activity (each patrol vehicle is tracked by GPS) but is a repository for security related observations by the patrol officers. The system is also an effective mechanism for the patrol officers to communicate with each other as well as between the office and the field.

Patrol officers regularly document (via mobile photography) contractors on-site or other potential items of concern. Patrol members can request reports on observed activity at their property.

Urban Alarm’s Mobile Security Guard Patrol is available to neighborhoods, individual residents, businesses, and commercial or multi-unit residential properties.  Larger properties may look to mobile patrols to supplement traditional posted security guards. Mobile patrols may be deployed in conjunction with remote video monitoring to provide a cost effective strategy for comprehensive security.