Reduction in Crime Attributed to Urban Alarm's Patrol

You may have read about Urban Alarm’s neighborhood guard patrol featured in last week’s Northwest Current Newspaper. Our patrol has been operating for a year with great success. Neighborhood studies show a 40% reduction in crime attributed to the patrol.

Urban Alarm’s mobile patrol goes well beyond security. Patrol Officers are in regular contact with members in the neighborhood, collecting mail and packages while they are at work, notifying them of open doors or garages in their home, and checking on reports of suspicious persons. 

For businesses, Urban Alarm responds to alarms to meet police, so that business owners can stay home. We will update business owners with exactly what is occurring. If the business owner chooses, we can allow police access to check the property and report back.

Urban Alarm’s patrol is available to limited Northwest DC neighborhoods and our success has encouraged us to expand our scope. If you want Urban Alarm’s patrol in your neighborhood, please contact us. Visit our website for more information on the patrol services.