Theft from Auto up 150% in Some DC Neighborhoods

Over the past 30 days, there has been a spike in theft from vehicles by as much as 150% in some of DC’s second police district neighborhoods.

According to Lt. Hill from MPD,  most of these theft from auto incidents have one thing in common -- something of potential value was left visible in the vehicle. This was seen in the three vehicle break-ins this month in our Mobile Patrol area, where a laptop bag and briefcase were visible in two of the break-ins.


MPD believes the state of the economy has “professionalized” this type of theft. What once were isolated and opportunistic smash and grabs, appear to have become more organized and systematic. Perpetrators are believed to arrive and leave in vehicles and perform many thefts a day.

It seems self-evident but often forgotten. Don’t leave valuables in your vehicles. Don’t leave items that look potentially valuable in your vehicle. Empty shopping bags or even iPhone ear buds can be enticing enough and you may result in you spending the morning picking up glass.