Silence Security Alarm Beeping During a Storm

With Hurricane Irene making its way up the East Coast, today it will leave in its wake, among other destruction, a trail of beeping security alarm panels. The most likely cause of security alarm issues during this time will be:

  1. Loss of AC Power
  2. Low Alarm Panel Battery
  3. Phone Line Failure

While these issues will generally restore themselves as the services are repaired, they will cause the alarm panels to beep until acknowledged. We will get phone calls throughout the weekend from customers asking how to silence these beeps.

Here is a quick reference for the system Urban Alarm installs and other popular alarm panels.

DMP XT30 and XT50 Alarm Panel

What to do when a trouble tone is sounding:

You can silence the trouble tone by pressing any key. This only silences the keypad and does not correct the condition that originally caused the problem. 

For DMP User Manual

GE / UTC Concord Alarm Panel 

Silencing Trouble Beeps

To silence trouble beeps:

  1. Perform a system status check by pressing * on a touchpad,
  2. Change the arming level (i.e., Disarm the Panel).

For UTC User Manual

Honeywell Vista Alarm Panels

To silence the beeping, for power outage or low battery, press any key.

For Honeywell User Manual

DSC Alarm Panels

When a trouble condition is detected the Trouble or system indicator will turn on, and the keypad will beep every 10 seconds. Press the [#] key to silence the beeps. Press the [*] then {2} keys to view the trouble condition (#1 most likely a low battery, #2 is loss of AC power, #3 is telephone line failure)

For DSC User Manual