The Premier 2010 Class of Security Guards

Urban Alarm would like to introduce its first 2010 class of Urban Alarm Security Guards. These 15 guards will be representing Urban Alarm as Security Officers, or SOs, at DC Public Schools.

Urban Alarm is one of four companies providing licensed Security Guard services for DC Public Schools throughout the District. You can see our guards working during the school day, at Aftercare programs before and after school, and at sporting and other special events. The majority of Urban Alarm's Security Guards are DC residents, and some even attended the DC public schools they now patrol and protect.

Our guards have passed rigorous background checks and licensing procedures, undergone extensive training both in the classroom and on school sites, and have a commitment to their communities and to the schools they serve. Urban Alarm is very pleased to be able to branch out into this area of the security business and interact with the community and more directly in our public schools.

Our next group of 18 officers will start in the schools in March. Keep an eye out for the Urban Alarm shoulder patch during pickup and drop-off in DC Schools.