Company Story

Urban Alarm was founded in 2003 by Miles Fawcett, a lifetime resident of Northwest DC. After being a customer of a national alarm company for five years, Miles set out to create a different kind of security company; one that is invested in the community and the lives of the people in it. Urban Alarm reinforces its connection to the Washington DC community and sponsors a little league team as well as several farmers markets.

By servicing only the DC area, Urban Alarm is able to focus on its customers and work on improving neighborhood security. Our customers are a mix of commercial, institutional, and property management organizations; as well as homeowners. By employing the best systems and technologies, Urban Alarm maintains high standards for training and expertise, filling the gap between large multinational companies and smaller businesses. Our services include security system design and installation, door access systems for offices, campuses and multi-unit commercial / residential properties, and video monitoring applications.


A fourth generation Washingtonian, Miles has a background in media, technology, and business. He is a licensed Master Electrician (Limited Low Voltage) and NICET I certified fire engineer. In 1994--before creating Urban Alarm--Miles founded iapps, an organization that used Internet technology to effect social change. His leadership guided iapps to work with over half of the top twenty foundations in the US and win close to a hundred awards for design, business, and workplace innovation. When Miles founded Urban Alarm in 2003, his goal was to create a security company that genuinely cared about its customers. One of his frustrations with other companies was their lack of employee and customer education and proper system maintenance. From his perspective, if a client doesn’t understand the system installed, they won’t be able to use it. Systems that aren’t properly maintained are useless. Urban Alarm ensures that both its employees and clients have a good understanding of the technology and systems used and are thus capable of maintaining them.

What Makes Us Different

Urban Alarm is not your typical security and alarm company. From the start, it was intended to be a company that was truly invested in the community. Urban Alarm goes above and beyond the competition with a unique combination of services:

  • No Long-Term Contracts. If you have ever been unhappily locked into a contract, we don't need to explain the frustration and dissatisfaction that comes with inflexibility. If you're lucky enough never to have been through this, do a quick ask around or search online and you will no doubt find many people with less than ideal experiences to share. Customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities, and we assume we need to earn your business every day. If we fail to do so, you have every right to change to a company that better fits your needs.

  • Mobile Patrol and Alarm Response. Urban Alarm's mobile guard patrol offers an added level of security unmatched by any other security company in the DC area. While the patrol covers a limited number of neighborhoods, it continues to expand into new Northwest DC communities.

  • Internet Control of Your System. We use the Internet to perform many of our day-to-day functions. It is a model most of us are comfortable with and a perfect way to manage your security or access control system. We work with state of the art technology so you can easily access and manage your systems. This is available with our security options and our Brivo access control systems. Contact us and we can show you these technologies today over a web conference.

  • Urban Vacation Watch (We check on property, water plants, etc. while you are away). When you are away for business or vacation, you can have us check on your  property. We can water your plants, collect your newspaper and mail, feed your pet, move your car, or let in the furnace repair company, etc. -- security goes beyond technology.

Our Service Areas

We are licensed to work in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Service areas include:

  • Washington DC
  • Montgomery County Maryland
  • Prince George's County Maryland
  • Arlington County Virginia
  • Fairfax County Virginia

We also operate through Eastern Maryland and Northern Virginia for our commercial customers. Urban Alarm is a "dba" of SaiComm LLC.

National Accounts

Urban Alarm services national accounts where strategic integrated access control, intrusion alarms, and video surveillance can provide security and business benefits. Contact us for more information on Nationally Managed Security Accounts.